Week 1 & 2

Hi guys! These past 2 weeks I have been doing some independent research on the history of murals and did some work for Murals of Phoenix. Some of the work I did included taking pictures of some of the new murals in Downtown Phoenix. Last Friday there was an event with a muralist named Isaac Caruso who had people come out and paint whatever was around them that interested them on wooden panels. These people didn’t have to be artists or have any artistic talent it was just normal people painting whatever they wanted. Towards the end of the event I got to interview Isaac and like most other muralists he started at a young age with graffiti but later realized that murals was the happy medium between fine art and graffiti and decided to make a career out of it. He started making serious murals in 2012 when he made a mural to commemorate the ASU project that harvested sunflower seeds for biofuel. He thought the sunflowers added something special to Phoenix so when they were gone he wanted a reminder of what it was like.

I’ve also spent some time reading about controversial murals which is what part of my project is looking at. I will write a blog soon that focuses on this!