Week 4

Hi! This week I’ll talk about the muralist I interviewed 2 weeks ago. I interviewed an artist named Leter91 who is a part of the same crew* (Scarce Elementz) as the Issac Caruso, who I interviewed a while back. Like almost every other muralist I interviewed, he started out with graffiti and learned how to work the spray paint and the different techniques and practiced by making small art pieces for his friends. Leter91 mainly focuses on murals versus any other art form and there isn’t a common subject except he has recently noticed he’s using a lot of nature elements. A lot of his inspiration comes from his crew, music, and life in general- both the negative and positive parts. One thing that stuck out to me about this artist was that sometimes to figure out what he is going to make he lays out some colors that he wants to use and draws what he thinks of when looking at them all together. The most difficult part of the process for him is getting down the background. Leter91 told me that he has had some problems with people accepting his murals because they think its graffiti but Phoenix was some of the more accepting cities he’s worked in. In Iowa, he was teaching kids how to paint around some train tracks after getting all the proper clearances but it ended up getting some backlash because some people thought they were teaching them how to vandalize. It ended up in the news but in the end a majority of the community backed them up and it got sorted out.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog!

*(side note: muralists tend to stay in crews to be able to both collaborate and get inspiration from other muralists, share resources and have some protection from other crews or territorial gangs)