Week 6

Hi guys! This week I spent a lot of my time working on sketches for the mural in the weight room. I had a lot of trouble with making my sketch look like what I had imagined as well as debating whether or not the ideas I had would "fit" in a weight room. In the end, I decided to not worry so much about whether or not it would "fit" and to just go with what I wanted to make. I ended up hating my first 3 sketches but finally, my 4th sketch was something Mrs. Rieser (my school advisor) and I were both excited about. I still need to finalize it but I think it's going to be a lot of fun to make and has the potential to be something everyone can enjoy. That was another issue for me; it's unnerving to make something so permanent when you are not sure everyone will like it. Of course, not all artwork is going to be met with positive opinions all of the time but you would still want the artwork to get more positive feedback than negative. I think this is something a lot of muralist struggle with whenever making a public art piece. And for them, it is probably more pressure because their careers depend on their popularity and public approval of their art. I am trying to not let that worry me too much and to just focus on the mural and making it something I am proud of. I will try to start next week but that depends on when we get funding and when I finish my sketch.

For my internship, I was mainly working on a summary of the festival and working on some more artist bios. Thanks for reading!